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Regular Manicure  $20

Soothing manicure, full nail grooming, hydrating lotion, relaxing massage, and polish of your choice.


CND Manicure

O.P.I Infinite-Shine Manicure  

Essie Gelcouture Manicure    $25


All the fun of our Regular Manicure, finishing with your choice of one of our long-lasting nail polish by CND , O.P.I Infinite-Shine or Essie Gelcouture.


Neo Spa Manicure   $33


The perfect manicure for a man or woman! Full nail grooming, gel scrub to remove dead skin, hands & arms massage using our hydrating lotion, an herbal hot towel, and finishing with a paraffin treatment to improve circulation and reduce dark spots.


UV Gel Manicure  $39  


A trendy manicure recommended for a busy lifestyle! This amazing manicure is made to last; no chips, no smudges, no drying time.


Dipping Powder Manicure  $54


All the pampering of our “Regular Manicure”, along with a dipping powder layer for durable long-lasting nails.


Neo Spa UV Gel  Manicure  $59

All the fun of our “Neo Spa Manicure” finishing with a UV gel polish.

Kids Manicure (4-8 years)  $15  

Regular Mani/Pedi  $49

Infinite-Shine/Gelcouture Mani/Pedi  $54

UV Gel Mani/Regular Pedi  $70

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